Terms & Conditions


An assessment or consultation on an unhealthy tree or planting for a resident with a single lot is $75. Consultations/Assessments for large commercial or residential sized properties may be determined to be $150 or more (an exact amount will be given in advance).


Cabling of tree limbs reduces potential breakage. The objective of cabling is to provide supplemental support to the two co-dominant limbs forming the split crotch in order to limit additional splitting and lengthen the useful life of the tree.

Clean Up

Logs, brush, leaves, branches, twigs and other such debris, tree work performed by Northeast Top Notch Landworks, are removed from the site. Excess sawdust that we cannot rake up will not be removed.

Crown Cleaning

Removal of all dead and damaged branches and suckers in excess of 1.5″ in caliper.


Selective pruning to provide vertical clearance.

Free Estimate/Proposal

Northeast Top Notch Landworks Provides free estimates for the initial exchange. If the customer requires the estimator to return then a $25 fee may be charged. We recommend that the customer prepare a list of items they want quoted prior to the estimator’s arrival. If the customer has very specific concepts in mind, we recommend they be present for the estimate.


A dominant or co-dominant stem.

Stump Removal

Mechanical grinding out of the visible tree stump to below ground level; remaining hole is backfilled with stump mulch (soil and wood chips).*


Selective pruning to reduce density of living branches, by removing entire branches or thinning the ends of large branches. “Thinning” may include removal of dead branches.

Tree Removal

Total removal of tree within 6” of ground level and clean up of all debris. Additional fees may be charged for unseen concrete or metal in tree upon notification of owner.* Some lawn damage may occur.

*Trees occasionally grow around objects, such as metal fences and concrete posts or walks. This kind of unseen material may require additional time and equipment to remove; additional charges may be added as a result.



Access and Homeowner Preparation

The customer is responsible removing all personal property such as lawn furniture, ornamentation, potted plants, easily transferable plants in the ground etc. from the job site area. Northeast Top Notch Landworks will do its utmost to protect permanently installed property such as fountains, pools, pergolas, etc. (See Concealed Contingencies for more information.) Small trinkets and lawn ornaments should be moved prior to our arrival; we are not always capable of seeing/noticing lawn ornaments and it makes our job more difficult to work around them. In addition, lawn furniture, cars, garbage cans and all other objects that may be in the way of our work zone should be moved prior to our arrival. If you cannot move some of these items in advance, require our help or simply do not complete this process then you automatically waive the right to hold us accountable for damage to them.

Northeast Top Notch Landworks attempts to place plywood and/or covering over wooden decks, patios, paved areas to protect them from scratches and dents that may occur during the work process.

Please request that a surface and/or permanent object be noted in the work description verbiage to be sure our crews are aware of them and come prepared with material to protect them.

The prices quoted in our estimate assume we will have access to the property wherever possible with no damage to our equipment or our customer’s property. We will not be responsible for damage to substandard blacktop surfaces caused by our vehicles or subcontractor’s vehicles.


Arborist Disclosure Statement

it is important to note that arborists cannot detect or anticipate every condition or event that could occur that would lead to the illness, structural failure or other defect that could lead to a future problem with a tree nor can an arborist guarantee the future health or safety of a tree in all circumstances.

Billing, Deposits, Terms of Payment

Clients are required to make a deposit of 50% of the total estimate of cost for service when accepting Northeast Top Notch Landwork’s proposal. The final invoice for the balance due will be issued via email at the completion of work. (For those clients who do not use email, an invoice will be mailed via the United States Postal Service upon the completion of service.)

All accounts are net payable upon completion of service. Accounts not paid in full within 30 days of service completion will be turned over to an outside service for collection. If outside assistance is used to collect the account, the customer is responsible for all costs associated with the collection including, but not limited to, attorney fees and court costs. Please note that additional services will be delayed or cancelled due to outstanding balances.

We accept payment by cash, check, Visa and MasterCard. Credit card payments may be made by calling our office or by providing us with your credit card number and expiration date in writing (note: credit card deposits are refundable, but 5% of the total deposit will be deducted for merchant processing fees that are paid regardless of refund).

There will be a $15.00 administrative fee charged for all checks returned to our office for non-sufficient funds.


You may terminate your agreement with Northeast Top Notch Landworks at any time up to 60 business hours (M-F 9am-5pm) previous to the date of scheduled service by providing written notice of cancellation to Northeast Top Notch Landworks.

Failure to cancel the agreement within 24 hours in advance of scheduled service may result in the charge of as much as the full proposed price or a minimum of 5% administrative fee and the loss Northeast Top Notch Landworks, LLC is cost due to the cancellation.

If the work is cancelled after work has commenced then the customer will be charged for at least work performed and employee time spent, prior to cancellation (by customer or Northeast Top Notch Landworks). This rate and the full charge will be determined by the crew leader or supervisor on sight.

In addition to the 5% administrative fee (administrative fee only applies to those jobs cancelled less than 60 business hours in advance), if a deposit is paid by credit card and the customer cancels work a 4% fee of the deposit amount will be held by Northeast Top Notch Landworks. This is the non-refundable fee paid by Northeast Top Notch Landworks to the credit card merchant processing company at the time of the initial credit card transaction, and is not refunded back to us when the customer cancels work and wants their deposit returned.

Concealed Contingencies

We are not responsible for any underground property unless we have been informed of its exact location by the owner or the appropriate local utility location agency (DigSafe or JULIE). The homeowner must notify Northeast Top Notch Landworks of underground electric lines for exterior lighting, underground and surface sprinkler systems; in rare circumstances the homeowner may be required to have these electric or sprinkler systems temporarily moved by an outside party in order to prevent damage when there proximity to tree work, stump removal is too close and will inevitably be damaged.

Any additional work or equipment required to complete the work caused by the authorizing party’s failure to make known, or caused by previously unknown foreign material like cement or metal in trunk, stump, branches, underground or any other condition not easily apparent in visually estimating the work specified shall be paid for by the customer on a time and material basis with there acknowledgement and approval.

If the customer chooses not to take on the additional cost then the work shall be assumed complete and full payment of the original quote is due.

Customer Care Pledge

Northeast Top Notch Landworks is committed to providing the highest quality of service to our customers. We guarantee to deliver service precisely as described in our proposals and we strive to develop long standing working relationships with our clients.


Northeast Top Notch Landworks is insured for personal injury and property damage. Proof of insurance can be verified by requesting a copy of our Certificate of Insurance. All of our employees are covered by Workers Compensation Insurance.

Minimum Setup Cost

Northeast Top Notch Landworks charges a minimum of $275 to do tree work/landscaping. While lower amounts may appear itemized in the proposal, they cannot be selected individually.

Proposal Approval

If a customer would like to move forward with the proposal then the customer recognizes that they have read the proposal and agree that it describes the full extent of the work they want included at said price and that they have entered into a legal contract with Northeast Top Notch Landworks. By acknowledging they have read and approved the proposal, all customers understand they cannot withhold payment for extra work. The customer automatically enters into a contract with Northeast Top Notch Landworks when they “electronically sign” the proposal, and/or sign the proposal and return through mail/fax/ scan, and/or pay a deposit, and/or verbally agree to the description and cost.

If Northeast Top Notch Landworks completes all work described, but the customer discovers they want/require additional work, the customer must agree to pay more for additional work done in a new proposal. If there is something in the proposal that the customer does not want performed then it is the customer’s responsibility to remove it from the proposal and have the price adjusted (if applicable). If what the customer does not want done, remains in the proposal, but is electronically approved by the customer, then that work will be completed and the customer must pay for it accordingly. If there is additional work that the customer wants done and it is not explicitly written, it is the customer’s responsibility to call and update/change the proposal. Sometimes work can be included, or the verbiage needs to be adjusted, but there are times when additional work costs more money, each of these steps and changes must be approved and written into the contract. The customer cannot request additional work from the crew directly, unless it is approved by the office and new work and cost is expressly approved by customer (sign something from crew, electronically sign via email etc.). If the homeowner is not home when the work is done, but requests that another party oversee the work then our customers must outline their power of attorney to make onsite changes or not. These regulations prevent mistakes, misunderstandings and additionally protects against work changes made by parties that have not been pre-approved by our customers. Northeast Top Notch Landworks will try and tell customers when work done may not be aesthetically pleasing and Northeast Top Notch Landworks will tell every customer when the work they request is unhealthy, but if they choose to move forward with the work and the work is done as specified then the customer is responsible for the visual, physical and monetary outcomes. Northeast Top Notch Landworks will never knowingly perform work that is harmful to trees that are not on the customer’s property (including, but not exclusively limited to, parkway city trees and neighbor’s trees). (See also “Tree Ownership”)


The authorizing party agrees not to enter the work area during service unless authorized by the crew leader on-site, for safety reasons.


Job scheduling is dependent on weather conditions, work load, geographic relationship to other scheduled work and other unforeseen issues. Work crews shall arrive at the job site unannounced unless otherwise noted. Northeast Top Notch Landworks will do our best to meet all scheduled work dates, but shall not be liable for damages due to delays or missed work. If times are given they are approximate, and Northeast Top Notch Landworks will not be held responsible for being late or early.

In the event that all aspects of the work are not completed during the initial scheduled date, Northeast Top Notch Landworks will give the customer as much notice as possible in arranging the completion. Northeast Top Notch Landworks cannot always have the entire job completed in a single day, due to a multitude of factors. Some portions of the work must be done at a later time, i.e. grinding out remaining stump and log removal (in addition to the job itself, and/or parts of it).Unless specifically stipulated on the customer’s contract, Northeast Top Notch Landworks may have to break the job up into pieces (normally related to large removals). If this is a problem then the customer must add it to the contract; this requirement may delay the work being performed and scheduled. However, nothing in nature is guaranteed, and factors outside our control may effect completion. Northeast Top Notch Landworks is not responsible for portions of the work being done at a later date. If the customer decides on sight, and crew deems possible, that everything needs to be done that day, additional fees may be charged.

Utility Company Assistance

If Northeast Top Notch Landworks, LLC determines that the local utility company must in some way assist in performing tree work safely then the work will be scheduled and arranged with all three parties (1. Customer, 2. Utility Company, and 3. TopNotch). This participation by the utility company is required by tree care industry safety policies, OSHA and for insurance coverage. Northeast Top Notch Landworks will make all necessary preparations with the utility company in order to attempt a seamless outcome. However, Northeast Top Notch Landworks does not take responsibility for any aspect of the utility company’s participation in the work from scheduling to completion. We cannot be responsible for cancellations, postponements, power restorations or any aspect of said utility company’s involvement, but we will be working for you and with the utility company until everything is resolved.

Tree Ownership

The authorizing party warrants that all trees listed are located on the customer’s property and, if not, that the authorizing party has received full, written permission from the owner to allow Northeast Top Notch Landworks to perform the specified work. Should any tree be mistakenly or knowingly misidentified as to ownership, the customer agrees to indemnify Northeast Top Notch Landworks for any damages or costs incurred from the result thereof.

Tree Care Standards

All work will be performed in accordance with current American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Stand Practices for Tree Care Operations.

Tree Risk

When prominent risk conditions in trees are observed and identified by Northeast Top Notch Landworks and the authorizing party approves a proposal to proceed with the work we have recommended, we will make a reasonable effort to proceed with the work promptly. We do not assume any liability for any accident, damage or injury that may occur on the ground or on any other object or structure prior to the work beginning. Estimates do not include internal or structural considerations. We cannot therefore be held responsible if the tree fails or causes damage or injury prior to tree work being done.

Withdrawal of Proposal by Northeast Top Notch Landworks

Proposals for work expire within 30 days of estimate. In addition, Northeast Top Notch Landworks reserves the right to withdraw a proposal for work for any reason upon verbal and/or written notification to the authorized signer. In cases where Northeast Top Notch Landworks withdraws its proposal (before work begun), all deposits and payments will be refunded in full to the client. If the work had already begun, then we will determine individually if there will be a partial charge, this will depend mostly on the reasons we were forced to stop work.

Northeast Top Notch Landworks holds the right to terminate work agreements, including but not limited to, hostile work environments, threats, no deposit, discovery of utility line conflicts, etc.

Working with Nature

Trees and plants are natural, living organisms affected by factors beyond human control. No guarantee on trees, plants or general landscape safety, health or condition is expressed or implied.


All work will be performed in a professional manner by experienced personnel outfitted with the appropriate tools and equipment.