Seed a New Lawn

This residential home owner wanted to get his new backyard seeded but had issues with run off washing away his grass seed. After our initial assessment, we discovered a small spring at the high point of the project area. This spring was creating very wet conditions with a lot of run off. We created a drain to divert the water from this area and to reduce run off then finished the grading and hydro seeded the lawn.


  • Tons of aggregate was brought in to and sand was added to existing loam.
  • Drains were constructed to direct water and run off away from the home and to reduce risk of top soil run off.
  • Sand was mixed in with existing loam to ‘lighten’ the soil.
  • After grading the area, we hydro seeded the lawn and added lime.
  • As a bonus, we were able to remove some cut trees and brush to help clean up the yard.